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what supplements do you take?

here is an article on supplements suggested for CFS/FMS.

After reading it I wondered what supplements you all have taken or had success with?

Also, I think drugstore.com is having their vitamin sale if anyone else is interested in getting supplements suggested in the article.

I think I am going to try some Valerian root and Magnesium to see if they help.  Anyone have experience with these?  

The last couple of days, I worked on a mini-series of information by Dr. Mark Pellegrino on common Fibromyalgia nutrient deficiencies and treatments.  To further expand on that topic, I also wanted to include some information by Dr. Pellegrino that specifically targets Fibromyalgia symptoms and what supplements to use for those.  Dr. Pellegrino has seen more than 20,000 Fibromyalgia patients at the Ohio Rehab Center and he is also a Fibromyalgia patient.  He understands what this illness does to us.
This is what he recommends to treat:
Magnesium/malic acid combination
Natural anti-inflammatories:  glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM and flaxseed oil
Headaches – Flaxseed oil
Magnesium/malic acid combination
Vitamin B-12
Ginkgo biloba
Poor Sleep:
Valerian root
Cognitive Difficulties:
Ginkgo biloba
Phosphatidyl serine
Fiber supplements
Valerian root
Peppermint oil (enteric coated)
Olive leaf extract
Depression (mild):
St. John’s Wort
Flaxseed oil

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Vit B 2
Vit D 3
Vit C
Vit B 12 (Methylcobalamin)
Folic Acid
Alpha Lipoic Acid
Acetyl L Carnitine
Traditional Red Yeast Rice
Fish Oil (can't use krill oil)
Vit K-1
Chromium GTF Chelate
Boswellia (Caution:  This one has blood thinning properties of any other NSAID pharmaceutical.  Treat it the same way.)

When the IBS is bothering me especially bad, I will use cascara sagrada.  If one uses the right amount it can be used just enough to soften the stool instead of acting like a harsh laxative.  It was brought to my attention that it can cause malabsorption, so it should never be used long-term any more than pharmaceutical laxative.  I can't take the pharmaceutical stool softener, such as Doc Q Lace (Doc Q Lax) or Colace.  They're all the same generic medication:  Docusate sodium.  It makes me really sick.  Oh, the fun added "bonus" of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)!  I'm not really sure why conventional doctors had me taking that long-term when I'm now finding out that nothing should be used long-term, including these stool softeners.  So, if you are going to use some herb like cascara sagrada or senna, don't use them long-term and don't over use them either.  You can use them without concern for short-term, though.  Then, don't take them for a while before using them again.
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I take a wonderful multivitamin from S.h.a.k.l.e.e and I also take alfalfa.  I've noticed a big improvment in energy levels.  I've also started taking V.i.v.i.x. from S.H.A.K.L.E.E. and have noticed that my constant hip pain has started to go away!  

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vit d
vit c
bit of calcium
antioxidant resverity
a multivitamin
dr also at some stage found severe iron deficiency, i needed a drip. get iron checked.

little as possible of sugar, wheat, dairy.
deep breathing
decent sleep and rest (haha)
filtered water if you can.
be kind to self!
take care everyone
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I'm a novice so I'm not sure!  My magnesium says 1250 mg Malic acid, 500 mg magnesium citrate & 10 mg Manganese.
I take the sleep herbs 1/2 to 1 hr before bed.  I'm only taking 2000 of vit D & 1000 B12 but I was normal on vit D & low normal on B12 so this is mostly preventative.
Good luck!
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Okay, I sent hubby to the drug store and he got some Valerian capsules with 150mg of valerian root in each capsule.

How long before bed do you take them?

Source Naturals
Magnesium Malate, 1250mg, Tablets - 90 <----Is this the same as Malic Acid/magnesium?

I also take 10,000IU of Vitamin D and 2500mcg B12  as reccomended by the Nuerologist.

Thanks for replying :)

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I'm new to this so I don't take a lot of supplements yet, but I do take:
Malic Acid/magnesium combo
Calms Forte (blend of herbs for sleep)
Vitamin B12
Vitamin D

I haven't been taking the magnesium long enough to really see what it is going to improve, but it can't hurt.  The Calms Forte seems to work almost as well as xanax in helping me fall asleep.  Its not as great at keeping me asleep but I don't have the extra morning brain fog that came w/the xanax so it's kind of an even trade.
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