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Im super happy that this forum has picked up a little. I've been on here and there just reading up before I have my baby. Which if he decided to come on time will be in 30 days!! Super excited and nervous. Kinda just wanted to make my presence known because im sure ill have some questions for you ladies and hopefully be able to give advice on what I've learned along the way as well! Hope everyone's baby is doing well and hope every one is healing well and loosing the dreaded baby weight! Lol
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My goal is to get this to be as popular as the pregnancy forum. Good luck sweetie. I hope you have an easy delivery we're here to answer any questions.
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Me too. I learn so much just from reading these forum. Let's get this one moving :)
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That would be amazing. Ill have to start referring the gals over here who just had thier baby and post questions in the pregnancy forum. That should help. I know alot dont post here because it was slow for awhile. But since its picking up im sure it will be helpful! Thank you!
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