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Who here....

was still in maternity clothes after bby? It's been 5 weeks since I had my daughter and I know the weight wont fall right off but I'm so scared to buy clothes cause I don't know when I'll stop losing this weight or gaining. ugh.
I'm so sick of my maternity clothes! HELP any advise?
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After I had my first child, this was the most irritating thing!  I thought you had the baby and wa la, skinny stomach again.  I remember thinking of packing my normal clothes for the hospital to go home in but thank goodness my sister made it clear I wouldn't wear those for a while.  LOL

It did take me a while too.  At about 3 months with my first child, I started to really lose the weight.  I started exercising again at that point which helped.  

When I had my second?  Hm.  Well, I've never gotten back to my pre baby size.  Boo hoo.  I was very thin before kiddos and wore like a 2.  That's too skinny, right?  (say yes please).  My foot also grew a half inch or so when I had kids.  That was the worst thing . . .   my fab shoe collection no longer fit!  

I would say to just put your daughter in a stroller and start going for some brisk walks.  Eat healthy (sometimes I over compensated for breast feeding and felt like I 'deserved' that huge plate of pasta. ) and try to eat everything in moderation.

It will come off.  You are probably a lot younger than me when I had my kids.  That will really help you out!!

good luck (and I'm sure you look great.  You have that special new mommy glow!)
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I just wore yoga pants and sweatpants throughout my pregnancy. and I bought cute tops that were flowy enough to cover the belly, but so I'd still beable to wear them afterward. maternity clothes are too expensive :/
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My baby is 10 weeks old and I am still losing weight. I gained WAY TOO MUCH during my pregnancy, reminding myself "I can lose it later." Well, I gained a total of almost 100 lbs, I am only down 30. I wear flowing maxi dresses with short sleeve sweaters or yoga pants with boxy, oversized t-
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Tshirts. * ha.
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@ specialmom you and I were about the same size prebaby.
I actually went through all my clothes yesterday held up my old size 1 pants and said holy $#!+. I couldn't believe I fit those. Haha
I decided to donate them all. dh doesn't understand no matter how much I work out my hips will never be that small again :-(  they.spread WAY far. And my feet to have grown thank goodness I was never a shoe person. You can't out grow sun glasses. :-)  I gained over 60 lbs. I was 102 before prego now I seen to be haulting at around 140! I've been going to the gym and have also been,walking like,a crazy woman. (I did this before I had her to I'm guessing that's why labor was short) I just need stuff to wear to find a job now.
@mommytobe I got mine at Ross for super cheap! Only spent like 80 dollars and got everything I needed to wear while prego including bigger bras which to no longer fit. It seems as if my boobies have shrunk. :-( even from before bby.
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I did lose all the baby weight by week 2 but I only gained 21 pounds. Now the rest of the fat were here from before so I don't see them melting away even with breast feeding. Guess I will have to exercise for real :p
But I still wear all my maternity legging. They are super comfty :)
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