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vaccines for a 2 months old baby

are you doing the vaccines?...when? i founded this link  for the pertussis  and or the dtap vaccine and kind of wondering about it...

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We actually do not do any vaccinations for our children.  We did our own research and based on that made this decision and have had two children and are on our about to have our 3rd child in October.  The only thing you may want to think about is your lifestyle, will you be putting them in daycare or public school?  You might want to check in and see what waivers you can sign so that your child is not required to get vaccinated.  Great post by the way, glad you shared the link.
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its scary..but and then you see the commercial about a child is dead because his parents didnt put his vaccines.... even more scary!....

i dont know what to think but i did already the vaccines before reading that article....
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I don't know if you came across this site in your research or not but it has some good information on it:


If you come across anything that you find is helpful too feel free to post it.  It is a taboo subject.  I know there are a lot of people that disagree with our decision not to vaccinate, but this is definitely something that is a personal parental choice.

We have two sons and they have both only been to the doctor under a handful of times.  I do breastfeed though too and that was one thing that I believe helped them build up their immune system.
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