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Betta Tank Heater. HELP!!

Hi all.

My male betta crowntail lives in a 1 - gallon tank where he has a tree to rest and hide, warm water, a thermometer to monitor water temp, and food. I know Mr. Greedy is a very happy fish because he looks comfortable and is even making a nest. My problem is with the heater. Since my tank's water capacity is only 1-gallon, I supposedly cannot place a 25 Watts heater because it might cook Mr. Greedy, or so I've been told. Now, there are no smaller heaters in my area or anywhere outside ( I meant heaters with power consumption less that 25 W). I am warming the water with my own heater in the office. Problem is I get extremely cold whereas the fish is warm and happy, which I don't mind, but I would like to use a more suitable heater for him without me having to be deprived of my own heater, which is located at approximately 20 inches from the tank to keep the temp near the 80's. I have read that the types of heater I just mentioned are suitable for 1-gallon tanks. However, at the pet shops they do not agree. What can I do? Do you guys think a lamp from walmart might do the trick? I need a quick solution to this because I don't want to buy something that could potentially kill my pet. Is it true 25 Watt heaters cannot be placed inside 1-gallon tanks? I love my pet and I care for him a lot and that is why he spends his days with me in the office, where I work 8 hours every single day. When I go home I must turn off the heater, it's a company policy. The water temp obviously goes down a lot and I'm scared my fish might get traumatized or even die due to these drastic temperature changes. Any suggestions please? Should I buy the 25 W heater?
Thank you all in advance.
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I have kept Betas for many, many years. I have never had the need for a heater in a bowl or small container. The room temp has always been maintained. In your case, no I would not put a heater in a tank that small. Maybe a reptile heat mat under the tank? They come in a wide variety of sizes from very small to quite large. Most are thermostatically controlled and since heat rises, it may work for your application.
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i know this is an old post, but petco now sells a 7.5 watt heater made for tanks up to 5 gallons. It can either go under the gravel or on the side, so if you were still looking for a heater, i would look there. it is listed online as well.
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My Betta fish died the next day I got it from the pet shop because the water was too hot. Dont bother having a heater because when my brother was traveling from Massachusetts to Montana he took his betta fish and the fish were in front of the super cold air conditioner for too weeks! And there perfectly normal and fine!
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I used a simple stick heater built for 2-15 gal tanks and stuck it in my one gallon tank... it keeps the temp at about 78 degrees steady. Found mine at walmart for like 18 bucks.
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I hope you were able to find the heater you needed for your fish. If you need any help finding a divorce attorney in Ottawa, let me know!
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