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Strange Feeling

I just returned a goldfish to Petco for being mean to my other fish-chasing her around with his nose up her butt- or I think that's where it's butt would be :)  On my way home I realized that I did what I hate people doing... just returning when they don't like something...  

I know it's a different concept since I can't discipline a fish- no fishie, bad fishie!!  ROFL  But it caught me off guard when I thought that.  It never even fazed me to plop him in a bag and take him back.  

Then Petco insisted on giving me the 32 cents back that I paid for him....   ummm I just didn't wanna flush him...

strange night...

strange strange strange
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Just keep him in a different aquarium - or give it to someone.Dont flush the poor...Is life, anyway.
Btw, why is this placed in the cats communitty?
I dont think someone here would adopt him...
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Sorry, I misread the thing.
Since you already returned him, its all solved, I hope he get a good home somewhere...
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I think this is an interesting post.  People can be pretty throwaway about life as long as it doesn't come in a form that reminds us of us.  It seems like a good thing to think about every now and then, so we don't get so overloaded with hubris that we stop caring if the polar bears become extinct from global warming or all the lemurs in Madagascar die from people taking the woods apart for firewood.  Not to mention the less-cute species.  Take care, aligator.
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Thanks Annie-  

I think it didn't bother me because I know he will get a new home.  They don't put fish to sleep.  :)

I'm not sure why this was moved, I was talking to my kitty friends.

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