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my new oscar

I just got my Oscar about a week ago and has been doing fine up until now. She is hiding in the back of the tank and at the bottom and her fecal matter is white and stringy, I don't notice anything on her fins or any where else, But I do Know shes not happy. I've had Oscars in the past and loved them dearly but lost them in a  house fire years ago and didn't want to get anymore till I saw this one. I just had to get her now that I got her I don't want loose her. I treated the tank with a parasite guard,when I thought maybe I should have tried something else but I'm not sure any one have any other ideas?
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well if she is not happy then maybe you should try giving her other things in her tank artifical plants maybe even another Oscar to keep her company

as for her fecal matter
Jungle labs: parasite clear
its about 3.24 at walmart. It even has a picture of an oscar on it.

they are very prone to paracites and it can kill her if you do not treat her and if she is with other fish she needs to be in a tank by  herself so she will not infect the other fish. its more than likely internal since you said you do not see it anywhere else...and make sure you clean out the tank throughly to help rid the infection i usually eliminate a lot of tank accessories to help better cleaning for about 2 weeks or until i notice improvement...im sorry about your oscar i hope she gets better...make sure she is eating

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Thanks, At first I thought she was doing ok , but shes not I took some accessories out,did a 25% water change and treated the tank again. Im crossing my fingers.
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Well sad to say she didn't make it. I should of never got her in the first place
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