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26 month old being fitted for braces

Our little guy has some neurological issues, and epilepsy. We have noticed over and pver that his great toes turn under his little toes, sometimes worse than at others....

We took him to the orthopedic last week, thinking  that he had club toes, hammer toes...But he said it isnt his bones it is his muscles are weak. They have fit him for braces to fit all the way to his toes and up over his ankles.. Wont this make muscles weaker, and why cant something like this be fixed? I dont understnad that it is, and got no answers really!
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When a child has neurologic problems, there is a disconnect between the brain and the muscles.  The brain sends impulses (like electricity conduction) to make the muscles contract.  When it doesn't occur, those muscles can't counter balance the opposing muscles which are getting the conduction.  If there is no balance, you will see the body/toes/foot move towards the stronger side.  physical therapy can help keep the muscles and joints from becoming rigid.  But, without the impulse conduction, the muscles won't fire (contract).
It's as though the electrical circuit blew and a current is not flowing to cause a reaction.  Bracing helps to prevent the joints from becoming rigid.  However, I would suggest physical therapy daily to help keep them moving so they don't stiffen up.  A physical therapist can show you how to do this at home.
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Thank you so much for your reply. You just gave me more information then I have recd in several trips to the Orthpedic. I so appreciate this.

We have since this posting recd his braces, and what a blessing it is to see him walk upright, not realizing before that he didnt stand correctly, and thinking it was just a toe issue!! :(

When there is mild hypotonia in the feet/ankles is there usually some throughout the body? I do recall as an infant he would not/ did not wrap his tiny fingers areound mine when placed in his hands and he also didnt retract and pull against me when I would pull him from a laying down position. I recall chamging his diaper and then reaching for his hands to pull him up, but he didnt pull against me, so I would wrap my hands behind his back to lift him from the changing table! Wondering now, if this too is related to musclular, or neurological issues....? ...Again..Blessings to you, and thank you so very much for your help!!! Information is so empowering!!!! <3
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