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Barrett or not, I feel like a time bomb?

I am 26  years old, three years ago I suffered of acid reflux, now an upper endoscopy showed that I have hiatal hernia and a irregular ascending 5mm Z line. The biopsy showed only inflamation without metaplasia. Im young and Im very scared about the possible situation of developing a malignant condition early. Im in treatment with esomeprazole and dont have symptons. Please I need some advice with people with this condition, I need to stop to think what i have every minute.
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Hi if left untreated is where u have a problem...and since u r getting treatment u should be able to manage this.
Along with the meds u do need to modify ur diet and lifestyle...please see the Health Pages here on MedHelp for a list of tips and safe foods.

If u dwell on this every minute u will stress out and stress is a factor u do not want to add  as it can make u worse.Yes, u do need to be aware of diet and make so lifestyle changes like elevating the head of ur bed, possibly losing weight....but overall do not dwell on it.

Good luck
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Hi there,

I can relate to your fears:  I am 34 and discovered that I have Barret's and I don't have Hiatus Hernia, but my LES (tummy valve?) is not working.  I am also freeked out that I can possibly get cancer, but I have decided that instead of being freeked out and thinking about it all the time, I am going to go for regular Gastroscopies, because that is the ony way for the GI-docs to know what is REALLY going on.

I have symptoms of a chronic burning throat, hoarseness and coughing.  I am suppose to take Altosec 2x times a day but I keep on forgetting to take the meds!
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Thanks for your reply Smiley, but Im so young Im 26, at what age did you were discovered with barrett? Im scared of my condition. So you dont think every minute about your esophagus.
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I only discovered it about 2 months ago.  At the time of the diagnoses I had no idea what Barrets was - the photos just looked horrific and I was told that I should come back for follow-up Gastroscopy in 3 months time and one day have to fix the tummy valve.

I don't think about it every day.  I just avoid the "triggers" and don't eat big meals at don't eat late at night and drink my meds (although I have to admit that I am not very good in remembering to take them).

I'll think about it again when I go for my Gastroscopy:  date 19 Feb.  I won't let this get to me.  Life is to short.
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