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Burning mouth with GERD?

I’ve been having stomach cramps for 5 months and a burning feeling in my mouth, tongue and throat. The burning only starts after breakfast everyday and gets worse after I eat or even after sips of water. I’ve seen 2 gastroenterologists and also ENT. Gastroscope showed bile in the stomach and mild chronic gastritis, but otherwise normal. Abdominal MRI and nasal scope were normal. I was then diagnosed with IBS but they cannot find the cause of my burning mouth. All my doctors say the burning feeling is not caused by reflux since my scopes did not show changes to the esophagus. Did anyone experience a burning mouth with reflux? It is driving me insane.
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I should add that I’ve been taking PPIs everyday for 5 months and it’s not helping. Tried Omeprazole 40mg, Pantoprozole 40mg, nexium 40mg, rabeprazole 20mg with domperidone, vocinti 20mg.
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