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Hi everyone,
I am 24 years old, and I am very thin. However my whole life i have been suffering from heart burn. about six years ago i started having a belching problem, it seemed to just do away by itself, but then it came back about four years ago, and I've had it ever since. now i am terrified that i may be at risk of barrettes esophagus! My Dr *****, he is not concerned in the least bit. I am in the process of changing my Dr, and i hope to find a good one that will recommend me to a specialist. Now, every once in a while, when i burp, food goes up into my throat!! its gross and scares me! I burp every single day, after every meal, and about two hours after a meal. Some times i feel the pressure in my stomach, and it hurts until i practically force myself to burp, in that case its usually a pretty big burp. does anyone have a similar situation?
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  Hi...have u tried to modify ur diet? There are foods that will continue to trigger these symptoms...u need to eat a healthy diet and exercise and also modify ur lifestyle...reduce stress....no smoking, no alcohol....

See the health pages for tips and foods to avoid with GERD.http://www.medhelp.org/health_pages/list?cid=236
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Have you ever been tested for celiac disease?    I have 3 children with it, identical twins and the next daughter down.   They were all very thin--but I didn't think much of it because all my kids have been thin.

Both of my twins had reflux, one of them had it pretty bad.  After they had been gluten free (for the most part, they cheated), they were able to go off of their prevacid---as far as I know, neither one has had reflux problems anymore---but They are both married  and living away from us--so I can't guarantee that statement!!

Just something to think about, especially if you are going to see a specialist.
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