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Constant belching, heartburn and bringing up food and water

Hi, i have been having symptoms for a few months now, chronic burping literally all the time well over 100 times a day, bloating, bringing up food and water soon after eating and drinking and stomach discomfort/little bit of pain. I have googled symptoms and hiatal hernia, GERD and achalasia come up often. Could it still be achalasia if i don't have any pain or problems whatsoever when swallowing? Sometimes i will regurgitate small bits of food and a little water but sometimes it can be quite alot, especially water. It never really smells of sick, so i'm guessing it doesn't even make it to my stomach. I have been tested for H pylori and negative.I am due an endoscopy soon. I also have chest pain and back pain, i get it maybe every 2 months or so and it can be quite alarming. I have had heart tests done all came back clear so wondering if it could be related to gastro maybe. Any help would be greatly appreciated as getting worried a bit. Cheers, Dan
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  Hi Dave and welcome to the GERD forum.

May I ask, have you had a change in your life recently...such as a job or with a partner? Stress due to changes can cause/trigger symptoms like these

Do look at what is going on in your life and try to relax and while you have symptoms do modify your diet to help calm the symptoms down....if it persists.let your Dr know....

Also look to your families health history as it may shed some light on what might be going on with you.

Wishing you al the best....let us know what you find out after your endoscopy.
Thank you, no changes in my life and none of my family have a history of stomach issues that i know about anyway. I have days where i will eat healthy and eat smaller meals etc and i would say i notice a slight difference with burping etc. but not much to be honest. The fact i am bringing up water is worrying me though. I feel very bloated after eating only a small amount but in a weird way i don't feel full and i feel hungry still even though my stomach is huge, and i feel like a pressure? Kinda weird feeling i can't really explain. I would be more worried if i just didn't feel like eating and if i'd lost weight which i haven't. The more i look into it i think it could be a weakness with my esophageal spchintcer but i don't know if that would cause the heartburn (which i forgot to mention) and the pain i get. Thanks for replying and will let you know endoscopy results
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  Hunger can be a symptom of reflux....as the hunger feelings occur when the acids are created to break down food....this is why smaller more frequent meals can be helpful.

I had issues with water when I was in a flare as well....so I stuck to crackers and jello and things like that until it all calmed down...which it did ...approx 2 weeks tho.

Good luck with the endoscopy
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