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Dysphagia - soke doctors think its Gerd

Has anyone experienced dysphagia (reduced ability to swallow food, narrrowed esophagus)? Ive read that its possible but I still find it hard to believe GERD could be the cause for my dyshagia, not only because I never really experienced heart burn or acid taste  in my mouth or anything typical of Gerd but also because my dysphagia started about 2 monhs ago with a sudden onset out of nowhere, with a throat infection / tonsillitis. I had no similar swallowing difficulties at all or not any throat / esophagus stmptoms until then so I can’t really believe suddenly just coincidentally with my tonsillitis Gerd kicked in and caused dysphagia. So i dont want to go through gastro endoscopy for this just yet. But if anyone had dysphagia from Gerd, Id be very thankful for your help. Did it ever go away on its own, has it got better after some medicine? What did it feel like? Mine is pain free, it’s just simply as if the muscles just stopped working in my esophagus. MRI was negative so not cancer or not any sewlling / growth. It hasnt improved much since the beginning. I havent yet taken the emozul because I dont want to start it without proof that I have Gerd.
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