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Excessive belching and chest discomfort.

Wondering what’s going on with my upper GI.  I am a non smoker, not overweight, not diabetic and have no chronic history of heartburn, but in the past, I have been unable to take large doses (800mg) of ibuprofen without having strong reflux problems at night time.  Other than that, reflux was infrequent and sporadic.  However, I do like my coffee as well as my spicy and fatty foods.
About four weeks ago, I started having mild heartburn symptoms at night, that were generally relieved by Zantac.  About two weeks ago, I had a 24 hour type stomach virus that included vomiting and body aches, but no diarrhea.  Following that episode, I had a consistent acid reflux problem that included upper chest and esophageal burning, as well as upper chest discomfort that would be relieved by changing position or belching.
I started watching my diet, eating less at dinner and cutting back the acid producers as well as snacks.  I also started taking Zantac twice a day which stopped the heartburn, but I still had some of the mild chest discomfort around the sternum area.  Just yesterday started my first Prilosec.  I will wait a few days to see if the Prilosec regimen changes anything.
Although I have had no esophageal burning since taking the acid reducers, I have had consistent excessive belching ever since the stomach flu incident.  The belches come at all times of the day, not just after imbibing.  Also of concern is a weight loss from 198 to 192 in a week and a half.  The vomiting and diet change might be the main reason, but I am still watching it, and concerned with how fast it changed.  I am also still exercising regularly.
I am wondering at what point I should consider seeing my GI doctor for an endoscopy or other tests.  I understand this is probably GERD, hiatal hernia, gastritis or gastroparesis.  However, just yesterday, I found out a friend of mine is in the hospital with esophageal cancer, which set me back a bit, and which I would have to consider as another possibility for an elderly male.  Any suggestions or ideas are appreciated.
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Thank you for the comment.  Checked your link to LPR, and it appears that I don't have any of those symptoms, which are more concentrated in the throat area.  My primary symptoms are now excessive belching, chest congestion in the sternum area, and sometimes some warmth in the lower throat area.  I am carefully monitoring the weight loss, which my be due to my change in diet.  I am planning on continuing the Prilosec for two more weeks.  If the symptoms still persist, I will seek endoscopy for further evaluation. Thanks.
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  Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

There are many that do have GERD, but are unaware as they do into have the typical symptom,...look into silent reflux or LPR -http://www.medhelp.org/health_pages/Gastroenterology/Symptoms-of-Laryngopharyngeal-Reflux-are/show/779?cid=236

And the other thing is some NSAIDS like ibuprofen can cause GERD symptoms.....as well as having a bout of the flu.

While u r having the flare up do try to avoid the spicy foods, and greasy foodsm carbonated bevs and caffeine....like coffee to aid the meds, BTW Prilosec can take a few weeks to see results not a few days, and u  do have to modify ur diet in order for the meds to be the most effective.

Stress can also trigger these flare ups so if u worry about a friend or what something may be or not be that can add to how u feel...so try to relax, modify ur diet and take it a day at a time, but also give it time to heal.
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