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GERD, Esophagus Spasams?

Hello, I have been suffering from Acid Reflux GERD for 3-4 years now but in the recent year it has become much more of an issue for me. I experience frequent chest pains / discomfort (sometimes lower near stomach, other times more in the upper part of my chest,sometimes on my left side under my armpit, and in my left shoulder), occasionally stomach discomfort, wet belching (acid taste in mouth and throat), and burning sensation. Everything seems to agitate it including drinking water. I'm on prescription Zantec 150 but it really is not effective, and the side affects from prescription Prevacid really bothered me.

Anyway I digress, today I experienced something rather odd that I feel is related to my GERD but I'm unsure. I ate a protein bar and took the dog for a 15 - 20 min walk. When I got back my throat was tingling, irritated, and itchy. I drank some water but it hurt to swallow and it hurt on the way down to my stomach. Thinking it was related to acid reflux I took 2 tums and downed another glass of water and started carrying stuff to car to leave for work. I developed a very intense pain in the middle to upper part of my back, the pain was radiating from just left of my spine. The pain got so intense I thought something was really wrong so I sat down and didn't move for 15-20 minutes. I still had the pain, but it was more intense when I moved. Eventually it let up to where I could move again without intense pain. However I started having deep feeling belches/burping and spit up some acid/food.

The pain was so bad I thought I was having a cardiac problem however the pain stayed localized and my vitals (Pulse and BP were normal), plus I just had a stress test & echocardiogram in February. Is is possible what I experienced was a result of GERD. I've read that bad cases of GERD can cause esophagus spasms which can be quite painful.

Has anyone else experienced a similar situation?
Can GERD be related to back pain like I described above?
How would I know if I'm having an esophagus spasms?
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  I am sure it is as I do have one as well and have had it for many yrs, and I can get my reflux under control at times....while others it is just going to run it's course..almost like a cold...but that is my experience...I have a few other medical issues that may have something to so with how I am  affected by it.

I wrote in another thread you posted to about how it is possible to have the hernia manually manipulated by a chiropractor....I have not tried this, but if push comes to shove I would try it b4 I would consider  surgery ....if it was an option....but something to look into and research.
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Thanks for the feedback selmaS. I have not had the pain or a similar incident since so I haven't seen a doctor yet but I do want to see a GI specialist. My primary doctor has prescribed antacids and a PPI. The PPI did help but the side effects were unpleasant. However it was not able to fully remove all my GERD symptoms.

Question about hiatal hernia, is it possible to have it for extended periods of time, months or even years and just think its GERD / Acid Reflux?
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  HI and welcome to the GERD forum.

It is possible to have pains like that from GERD.....it is also possible that it is a hiatal hernia, or Gall Bladder issue.....so do go to a GI Dr for testing as there are several conditions that could make you feel that way....

H.Pylori is one that also could do that....so, do seek a Dr that will rule things like these out....

I also had an echo done to rule out heart issues....plus it gives me a baseline for any future issues I may come across with my heart.....

Keep a journal of what foods affect you and even activities...since you had an issue with lifting I was wondering if you may have a sliding hiatial hernia....

Let me know what you find out....
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