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GERD Hot Flashes


I have been experiencing acid reflux and stomach pain with other stomach issues. But the most annoying seems to be a warm flushing feeling in my chest and arms when i experience reflux. Does anyone else get this symptom? Could t find anything online and was wo derong if this was associated with Gerd? It is very annoying and has me worried, could it be something else?
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Hi. So, some quick questions. Are you male or female and about how old are you?  That would be really helpful!  I have night sweats and gerd but that is because I have regular heartburn and am getting to the menopausal age.  Love my life, right?  But by itself, GERD can cause hot flashes and night sweats.  Usually if you get the sweats with GERD, it means the Gerd isn't very well controlled, unfortunately. They often recommend H2 blockers (like Tagamet, OTC).  I had a lot of luck getting my GERD under control by taking Tagamet and also by dropping a few pounds. I also was careful at night with eating or drinking, cut back on fatty foods or acidic foods like pasta red sauce.  

There ARE other reasons for night sweats though. This article talks about it related to GERD but also gives a host of other potential causes.  https://www.healthline.com/health/gerd/night-sweats#gerd  Read through it and let me know what you think.  Most are not serious.  
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Hello! I am a 34 year old female, no menopause yet, the hot flashes seem to come when i am stressed and feeling the middle chest burning of reflux, i used to get it almost all day when my reflux was at its worst, now i get maybe one every few dayor less. Sometimes lasting 10 minutes. I had heard ot might be a nerve? Was just wondering if this was just another symptom of reflux
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When I have a bad case of reflux my bronchi feel like they are on fire then I get hot flashes through my face and break out in a short sweat. After the esophagus pain dies away I am left with a mild migraine.  
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