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GERD or something else?

I have what I think is GERD...  Every so often, maybe once or twice a week I feel "funny" in my chest. It's not my blood pressure or pulse, because I measure it and it's normal.  

SYMPTOMS: (during an episode-not every day):
• Chest Pain - in the heart area
• Pressure in my chest, general area
• slight/mild wheezing - almost shortness of breath
• palpitations
• thirsty
• no appetit

• Alcohol
• Lack of sleep
• Empty Stomach
• Food (processed)
• Acid Reflux
• Night time
• Heat
• Overeating
• Worse right before period
• Caffeine
• Bloating

Immediately loosen clothing (bra, pants...), fresh air, drink plenty of water preferably with electrolytes, drink protein shake or eat carbs (if it's due to lack of eating), and lie down - go to bed!

I take 40mg Nexium per day and it seemed to help until symptoms started again.  So I tried 40mg of prescription Prilosec (omeprazole) (20mg in the AM&PM) gave me a MASSIVE headache in the afternoons.

2 months ago I woke up at 3am and could hardly breath.  I had 4 glasses of wine the night before, too much chocolate and also potato chips (bad, I know...).  I woke up my heart was racing, and I was lying perfectly horizontal, and super thirsty.  I also immediately had to go to the bathroom (#2 and #1) and did so for the next 3 hours ever 20 minutes.  No diarrhea, just normal regular BMs. You could set your clock.  After that, it was only #1 every 20 minutes for another 4 hours.  

Does anyone else have any of these symptoms?  If so, what have you been diagnosed with? Any ideas what I could have? :) Thank you :)
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You have symptoms of GERD with nocturnal breakthrough pain.
In addition to PPI twice a day, you need to take ranitidine at bedtime for relief.
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I have very similar symptoms.  My heart pounds especially after a big meal.  Do you suffer from anxiety?  I get really bad anxiety right before period and also suffer from GERD symptoms.  I get the chest pain, dizzy etc too.  I had an EGD done.  Do you every get a pain under your left rib?  
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I have the same problem. i've had EKG's and had to wear a heart monitor and the doctors all go back to the acid reflux but the funny thing is, none of them will admit that acid reflux causes palpitations and dizzy spells and etc. well if thats the case then why in the hell is there a whole bunch of people complaining about their heart? another thing is those PPI pills are bandaids. they don't heal anything. as a matter of fact they make it worse. those pills disrupt your bodies normal functions just like what ever it is that caused you to have these problems in the first place.Try the natural remedies first. you can google it.
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Your symptoms are basically the same as mine.  I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia.  Ask your md to get you scoped.  These hernias are very common, and cause much distress, leading to anxiety.  The acid reflux burns away the upperstomach where the esophogus attaches.  It took my md over 7 months to get me scoped.  Do not be shy.  Insist, it only takes 3 minutes.  Heart mds dont want to talk about stomachs and stomach mds dont want to talk about hearts.  The common issue is the vagas nerve.  Google away.  I am no md, but your symptoms totally line up.  Good luck.
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Your sypmtoms are exactly as mine. I haven't been diagnosis yet. This lately, before I go to sleep, I will suffer from chest pain and short of breath. Tell me if you have found the solutions.
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