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Globus sensation/strange feeling around neck muscles

I am a 42 YO male with a history of renal cell carcinoma--stage T1B, removed via partial nephrectomy in December 2014. There were not signs of the disease having spread outside of the kidney at the time of my original scans, and my 1-year monitoring scans are forthcoming soon.  For the past 3+ months I have experienced a horrible globus sensation and notice that I become winded easily upon exertion, including climbing stairs.  I have pain in the front of my neck and along the neck muscles that run from my "jaw hinges" down toward my collar bone, bilaterally.  I also notice a strange feeling, not so much pain as it is a heaviness or sagging feeling, below and to the sides of my adams apple.  I have been to 2 ENT doctors, both have done exams including a scope to my vocal cords, neither saw anything "scary" as the put it,  and both concur that they felt this might be a result of GERD (I also have a medium sized hiatal hernia).  I have been on 40 MG of Nexium daily for several years to control the GERD and have never had these types of issues beforehand.  I don't understand how GERD might cause this strange neck pain, however.  I would like to have an MRI of the area performed to rule out anything else that might be causing this, but my PCP feels I should wait and see if this gets any better with time.  I am nervous to do so, as it has been almost 4 months already.  Any suggestions?
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  Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

It is possible with a hiatal hernia for the vagus nerve to be affected which can cause all sorts of anxiety and breathing issues....

Have you considered your diet as a trigger? Even with meds you will need to modify your diet......try keeping a journal of what you eat, stresses of your day to see if a pattern forms....

If you continue to have issues increase, then ask your Dr. to move forward with a MRI.

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