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Has anyone had symptoms like me

About four years ago I started getting sharp pains in my chest and back area very uncomfortable also had a dull pain in the middle of my rib cage . I tried to massarge it out with my thump where I could feel something gristly so I went to the docs she says she thought I had muscle pain and sent me Physio didn’t do a thing . I lived thorough the discomfort for about 2 years it was really getting me down to the point of thinking I was suddenly going to die of cancer, heart attack or some other horrible way to die . I went back to the docs they taken my bloods and basically told me am overreacting anyways I told her I was vary concerned my grandad died of an Ulster and my mum had one so doc put me in for the endoscopy where they found I had acid reflux and they gave me omeprozles to take . I taken them for a few months and gave up on them because I had the pain in the chest and back . Few months later I started getting very bad heartburn so started the omeprozles again the heartburn went but still have the pains and I’ve also developed a clocking in my chest and pressure in my chest . Av just accepted that I have acid reflux but concerned I have a Hiatus hernia has anyone had this pressure and discomfort
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I'm sorry you have had such difficulty.  I would go BACK to the doctor to discuss.  I'd also consider another medication. There are many to choose from.  To cover your heart worry, lose some weight if you need to. I had horrible gerd until I lost weight.  Even 10 pounds can greatly affect it and help.  Also, eat earlier in the day with any meal consumption not being later in the night.  Lay off fatty or process food or things that are acidic (red sauces like spaghetti, pizza, chili soup, etc., pickles, etc.).  And exercise daily for thirty minutes or more. These things greatly improve health.  
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