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Heartburn started (and grows) after taking PPIs - should I stop?

After two months of mononucleosis, I got symptoms suggestive of indigestion (after heavy meals, pain moving around my stomach). I noticed increased burping throughout the previous month. I did an abdominal ultrasound - nothing out of the ordinary. After 10 days of stomach pain/gas/bloating/burping despite a GERD-compliant diet, my GP prescribed PPIs (once daily) and enzymes. After a day or two of taking the PPI, after doing some Yoga poses for indigestion (that turned out to cause heartburn), my heartburns started. Initially milder (pain level 3/10). I also took antacids which helped. But I've been taking the PPI for 7 days now and it seems like the heartburn is getting worse (today for a short while the pain was around 5 or 6/10) and the antacid is less effective. The indigestion symptoms also remain. Today I talked with a gastroenterologist who doubled my daily PPI dose - she diagnosed my condition as GERD.

My main question is, could I be misdiagnosed? Could I instead have low stomach acidity which is my symptoms are getting worse as I take PPIs?

On the one hand, I also had two other symptoms that could have been a sign of GERD (or remnants of mono) that went away in a few days after taking the PPIs: a mild constant cough (it was as if I wanted to cough things out a little and was unable to) and a sore throat. And my heartburn is eased when I drink chamomile tea but beyond that it's very unpredictable - some foods work great on some days but on others, I get heartburn.

On the other hand, low stomach acidity also fits in a sense. I read that the gas can make it feel like heartburn - althouth this seems like real heartburn based on what I've read (i've never head any stomach issues before). Other symtoms like brittle fingers and nausea from multivitamins also fits.

I have limited access to good doctors where I live and I'd like to avoid going to a hospital for an endoscopy.

Let me know what you think. Thaks!
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