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How long does PPI rebound last?

Last year I saw an ENT because I had a hoarse voice for 3 weeks.  He checked my larynx and said I had inflammation due to GERD.  He told me to make some diet changes and to take Esomeprazole 40mg every day.  After three months he told me to continue for a year.  Close to a year,  friends were concerned I was on it fir too long and I called the ENT and he took me off it.  After stopping it I have suffered of the most horrible heartburn and excessive burping.  It’s been three weeks and it’s not as bad,  but the problem still going on.  I have read this is the drug’s rebound.  How long should this last?

I am really mad,  because I think this drug was prescribed unnecessarily.  I was 39 and in excellent physical condition.
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As an update my esomeprazole rebound lasted six weeks.  
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What sounds like you’ve been through for us today and came out the other end. I am just beginning to go through what you did one of the threads I read was from someone who  is now taking digestive enzyme supplements through a company called Enzymedica.   I just finished ordering some apple cider vinegar capsules to aid with digestion.  You should also consider a good natural probiotic at a good health food store that has lots of different cultures/bacteria in it. By taking the anti-acids that we were prescribed, I was on omeprazole  for way too many years, we’ve kind of rendered our digestive systems  incapable of doing what it was meant to do. There are no more good enzymes I have no stomach acid To help with the digestive process and absorption of any type of nutrients. So I guess it’s a lesson learned the hard way. We really need to do our research and be our best advocate because doctors don’t have the time or sometimes they don’t have the inclination to look beyond the end of their nose. And that is yet another rant for the night. Good luck
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