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How to use medication like Maalox

I'm not sure this is a GERD question.  From lung cancer radiation therapy I have problems swallowing and part of it seems like there might be acid reflux.  There is definitely a pain in my esophagus.  My doctor said use Maalox.  Do i take it before or after eating and how will that make it easier to swallow?
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I think you're supposed to take Maalox after eating: http://www.medhelp.org/drugs/Maalox-Anti-Gas/show/1204. I'm not sure it will work right away, but I think the goal is after taking it a few times, it starts to reduce the acid buildup, which will then help the swallowing. I had an ulcer and was having the same issue. Took about 3-4 days of consistent use and then I could really tell the difference.

Some of them, like Zantac, you do take beforehand. Just depends on the medication.

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Also, Maalox should be spaced out accordingly when taking other meds .. check with your pharmacist or Dr. to be certain of the # of hours inbetween taking Maalox and medications .. Maalox can absorb the meds and not let them work effectively.

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