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Is GERD caused by a virus?

I know someone who suffers from GERD and he told he thinks it caused by a virus. Is that correct?
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  There are many things that can cause is....lifestyle and diet are the top reasons....meds we are on can be another.....then we have triggers that can cause it to flare up and be noticeable...so he may have always had it, but he was use to the symptoms.....the flu or virus could have caused the symptoms to flare up and they were more bothersome....

Best place to start is diet and lifestyle modifications .
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  Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

Not sure if a virus can cause it, but I know it can trigger symptoms to flare....just as having a cold can....stress can as well.....

So being sick with a virus could have  some relation to their GERD...as any meds they took for it could also be a trigger.....

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Thank you. I don't believe from what I have read that it is actual symptom of a virus; but I agree if you have a virus it can be worse (if that make's sense.
Just I have a friend who suffer's from it and he doesn't understand what cause's it.
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