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Is this a pulled muscle

Ok guys I’ve posted about this before and didn’t get a reply. I’m hoping to get one. Bc I need someone else’s opinion on my issue. Ok this happened 3 months ago. I was on a very high antibiotic. The night I took my last pill for the day. I sat down to watch tv bc I was really upset bc I had just lost my uncle. I got a burning sensation in my upper abdominal area where your esophagus meets your stomach. Well it made me really sick so I went to bed. After awhile I felt well enough to lay on my back. As I was just about to doze off I jerked and raised up to quick, and felt something move or pull where the warm sensation was. It felt like a pulled muscle bc it was tender to the touch. So I rolled over on my right side and I started to feel heat coming up from my stomach and into the back of my throat. Then my mouth started to burn. When I got up the next morning I had pressure in my chest that went all the way to my throat. My upper abdominal area would hurt also when trying to walk. I made my way to the bathroom and the back of my mouth was blood red. My reflux has been worse ever since. Any idea as to what I might have done. My EGD was normal. And all others. Hoping to get a reply.
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Well, that is unusual.  I can see something happening that then causes discomfort at that time but that it triggered an ongoing problem.  That's a head scratcher. Clearly you have irritation there. Do you have acid back up, do you think?  Does an acid pill like Tagamet help you?  I'd try to see if it does.  How are other things like weight and your eating habits? Is there times of day when it is worse than others?  Any known triggers?
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I’m as stunned as you are. This is just really strange. I have followed my diet to a T. I was even able to get off my meds with no problem I know on my EGD around my LES there was what looked like not really black around it, but it almost looked bruised, and was really red.  He was looking for an ulcer at the time. I’m wondering if I could have gave my self a hernia by jerking like that I don’t know. I’m sure he would have seen it though. I know the pain in my upper abdominal area is worse when I don’t eat sometimes. I still have alittle discomfort when walking. I know when I got the burning in my stomach,  I got this heavy feeling. When I got up that next morning I had pressure in my chest that went all the way to my throat. I also got out of breath walking to my brothers car the following  night. I couldn’t even stand the seat belt on my chest. Hope to get another reply. Thank you. I’m on nexium 40mg I just don’t know what to do. Trying to figure out what happened is really starting to get to me. I was completely fine the night before. It just seems like I’ve been turned completely upside down. I can’t see though how one little jerk could cause so much problems.
I was also under a lot of stress bc of a recent death in the family, my uncle. Whom I was really close to. But as I said before besides the burning and heaviness in my stomach I was completely fine. Then when I jerked it all came up.
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