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It's getting on my nerves...

I have constant need to burp after meals. It won't stop if i ignore it. I just have to force it. It's actually very annoying. Also food is coming up my throat. No burning sensation. Tastes like regular food, but if it's been few hours after I ate it tastes like vomit. It is so gross. Anyways, it's happening every day. I can't concetrate on anything until I "vomit" certan amount of food. After that it's OK till next meal. I am so tired of this! Please can anyone tell me if this have anything to do with GERD or something. I am also sometimes nauseous. No problems with eating. No anxiety issues.
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  Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

  The best advice would be to tell you to go see a Dr....have testing and watch what you eat.....

Not everyone with reflux will have heart burn or some of the typical symptoms....so you may want to avoid certain things like spicy, acidic, greasy, foods, as well as carbonated bevs and caffeine, alcohol, smoking....

You also may want to eat smaller meals more frequently so that you eat 4 to 6 small meals instead of 3 larger ones.....

Lifestyle should also be looked at...such as activities lifting, ....exercise...and even wearing tight clothes....gaining or losing weight can also affect this condition....

Do see a Dr for the best insight.
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Do you vomit a large or small volume?  You might have what are called Motility problems, perhaps your food isn't expelled into you stomach correctly.  As Selma suggested, please see a doctor.  I've developed Motility problems, food can get stuck in my esophagus.  Something is helping, and my words turn to dust as I'm not a big nostrum guy, but I bought at my doctor's suggestion Essential Oil of Peppermint.  I combine four drops with a very small dose, maybe a 1/2 ounce of vodka before meals.  I eat twice a day.  It really helps getting the food down.  Do ask your doctor before trying this, but Peppermint is well knows as an agent that can numb the smooth muscle action.  It is actually a poison and used in hornet control.  I may have developed Parkinson's Disease, so please don't try this without talking to your doctor.
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Thank you for answering. I vomit a small volume every few minutes. I will check with my doctor. My mother thinks I have bulimia... I also suspect on the gluten intolerance but I won't do anything on my own.  
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