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Lot of problems over the past 3 years..really affecting my life.

I have been getting heartburn for years and have been diagnosed with helecobactin. I took a course with a proton pump and 2 anti-biotics..i still had heartburn a few days later after i finished the course. I have been taking 2 proton pump tablets daily since which stops me from getting heartburn. But i get a lot of burping and gas up my throat in the last 3 years sometimes it shoots up and it feels as if my chest is going to burst, i also get rumbling in the ears when this happens. When i eat food i have the abilty to bring it back up if i push my stomach..even hours after eating, it feels as if it has not properly entered my stomach. When taking tablets they feel as if they are still stuck in my throat.

I have not had a decent sleep in about 3 years, and if i exercise especially in the morning i feel as if i am going to faint..eating a big meal relieves this. Sometimes happens in the morning when i dont exerise. If its heavy exercise i get rapid breating afterwards for about half an hour..foam in stomach which i can bring up and i sometimes get blurred vison in which i can not focus and this is followed by a headache. Again eating helps this a bit. I dont exerice or play sports now as i always get these symptoms..but i really want to.

I have had swelling in sinuses, congestion in the head, foggy mind and fullness/blocked ears for years also..ENT said it was allergys, ive been on 3 nasel sprays none worked and have took allergy tablets..if anything my sinuses have become worse. I have came to a conclusion that my sinuses have been swelling because of gases and reflux from my stomach..the proton pump tablets seem to be making my ears crackle at the min, its as if they are opening up again which feels good. Eating hot food makes my nose run.

Last night i slept as 2am and woke at 10am..8 hours sleep. Did not feel refreshed in the morning ate a bowl of bran flakes and a banana for breakfast at 10:30am, ate a bad of crisps and a tracker bar at 12:30 nearly fainted at 1:30, ate a big meal and it gave me relief. This has happend to me a lot in the past few years. I always feel tired exhausted throughout the day and it has been affecting my life for years, and i have fainted and took a fit 4 years ago in which scans showed nothing. Also im not anxious, i know what its like to feel anxious and stressed, im really laid back person, and i really feel its a physical problem. Please give me advice

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Hi....could be a motility issue if ur LES and UES r slow to close u will get teh sensation u mentioned.

Ask if u were checked for this.

Try and avoid eating 3 to 4 hours prior to lying down.....and dairy products as they can slow the motility and allow the acid back into ur esophagus.

And H.Pylori is a bacteria that can cause issues for many see if u were checked for these issues.

Good luck
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Thanks for the reply. I havent been checked for a motility issue, is there any signs i should be aware of from this?

I also tend to get these rushes through my body (mainly in legs) it feels like a cold rush or tingling. I find it really hard to sleep on an empty stomach, but ill give it a go tonight.
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If i sleep on an empty stomach i get a very hoarse voice and rough throat in the morning..no improvement in the way im feeling though,
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