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Motility disorder or GERD?

Two years ago I was put on omeprazole, had an endoscopy done, and a pH level probe test. Endoscopy came back normal. Omeprazole made me feel dizzy, nauseated, and out of it. Stopped taking it slowly. I learned of low stomach acid and have been taking probiotics & apple cider vinegar pills for two years. Symptoms had 90% been cured!

Now my symptoms are flaring up again. I feel very full all the time, have indigestion pain/pressure in my chest and ribs, feeling like something is stuck in my throat, and MAJOR regurgitation. After seeing a new gastro last week who was of no help, I requested a copy of my old pH results from two years ago. It said my upper sphincter was normal, but I had very little esophageal pressure in my lower sphincter...a lazy LES. It also says I had failed 70% of my swallows, but my acid level was normal. Says that my esophagus has abnormal peristalsis. Basically says I have a motility disorder and should have been taken off of omeprazole because it wasn't needed. I know these findings are old, but I'm putting my faith into them with my symptoms flaring back up and no other leads.

Soooo: What the heck is a motility disorder? Is it just a general umbrella for a dysfunctional esophagus? And what on earth can be done about it? I really want to try to help myself naturally, but I've been eating small meals, chewing lots, avoiding your usual reflux culprits, etc. and it's not helping. I know surgery is an option but that's scary and I'm not 100% sure what's wrong. Is there something else that mimics these symptoms other then GERD?

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ANY ADVICE! I just need to chat with people who know where I'm coming from  
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  Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

A motility disorder  relates to peritalsis...the wave movement of the muscles that move food along your digestive track to different areas for processing....

This can affect how you empty out as well and if you do not release often enough that too can make you feel full, bloated and cause reflux....be aware of what is healthy and what your "normal" is as your "normal" may not be a healthy amount.

Talk more with your Dr for more info and let us know about your progress.
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Hi there,

I have read your post and can highly recommend that you go back to see a Gastro Ent and get a Manomatry done.  That is the only test that can tell what is going on with your LES and how bad the peristalsis dysfunction is.

From my knowledge:  if you have peristalsis dysfunction, you are not a good candidate for the anti-reflux surgery, i.e. Nissen Fundoplication.

however:  if your LES is weak and your peristalsis is normal (and ONLY a Manomatry test can indicate that) then you can opt for a Nissen Fundo.

Please let me know how you are going.
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Hi there,

I had a consult with the GI Surgeon - I also have a motility disorder and I have had a Nissen Fundoplication done, but the wrap is the tight and the pressure at my LES is extremely high so the valve does not open to allow food to pass into stomach.

I've now been send for a High resolution Manomatry!  I've had at least 5 Manomatries done during the past 6 years!

It emphasize the need for Manomatry study.  PH can be normal and Gastroscopy can show nothing, but Manomatry detects motility issues.

Please let me know how you are doing.
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