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My doctor thinks I have GERD but could it actually be Helicobacter Pylori?

After having gastro over New Years, my doctor had diagnosed me with GERD this March. My symptoms included daily nausea, stomach cramping, irregular bowel movements, motion sickness and a genetic history of GERD. I was give 20mg of Omeprazole to try. Since being on the meds I have noticed a reduction in the daily nausea and upset stomach but have also noticed a lack of appetite, feeling full quickly & uncomfortable bloating, burning in my stomach, and also a weird gagging sensation. accompanied by a bad taste in my mouth. A quick google search indicates that I may have H. Pylori. I don't want to bother my doctor especially during this time so would be good if I can get some advice on whether it is worth going back to my doctor and asking for a H. Pylori test? Or alternatively could a different PPI help?
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Is your doctor a gastroenterologist? You should see one if you think you have H. Pylori, and it would be worth getting a test for it to rule it out.

And at least give your doctor a call. You have valid concerns, and your doctor is paid to "bother", so to speak. You should at least let them know that you have new symptoms.

Let us know how you're doing, and what happens.
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