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Nissen Wrap

I had my first nissen done when i was 12 years old. I am now 21 and just had it re-done because it came undone and I started getting hernias again. Since I had the reconstructive nissen in March I had my gallbladder removed because the doctors said that was the cause of my pain and bloating. After the gallbladder was removed I was just getting worse. My small bowel is inflammed, I've started vomiting and feeling sick to my stomach almost everyday. I'm in constant pain and am constantly bloated. I went to my surgeons office because I want to know if the nissen is the cause of my pain. He said its probably not and wont undo the surgery. He is putting me through some of the same tests I've been going through for years. I'm finding all this rediculous. In in and out of the ER almost every other day because the pain is so bad. Instead of going through all the tests why can't the doctor just agree with me that this is the cause of my pain and undo it? Why do I have to go through all the tests I went through before? If i want this surgery undone, can they deny me of that?
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What are the tests done?
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the tests i had done have been the same tests i've had done for the past 9 years, i've had several barium swallows, upper/lower GI, upper endoscopy, x-rays/cat scans, and numerous amounts of blood work done. i saw the surgeon again and he will not undo the surgery because it looks like there's nothing wrong with it, he also said it's in perfect condition. so now i have to go back to my GI doctor, because the surgeon that i was seeing said that i should get evaluated for IBS and profound bloating syndrome. the surgeon also said if he takes down the nissen wrap when it's in perfect condition (according to him) that i can get esophogeal cancer. do you think from what i've been telling you that he's telling me the truth?
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Hi.  I can relate to your problem.  I had the Nissen fundo operation in 2003 which cured my acid erosion but exacerbated other problems ie. bloating to a 6 month pregnant woman, regurgitation, pain and unable to eat as the food got stuck.  The original surgeon was reluctant to undo it and did not really believe my symptoms, so I sought a second opinion.  That surgeon did all the usual tests and concluded that the wrap was far too tight as I had an added problem of poor motility (ie food would stay in my gullet until it was ready to enter the stomach).  As the wrap was so tight it pooled in the gullet hence the regurgitation and inability to swallow.  I had the undo operation in 2008 and much to my dismay but anticipated, I got the acid back with vengence and now have grade 4 erosion in the gullet and stomach.  It really is a trade off and you must consider which would be worse, the acid or the pain and discomfort.  I sometimes feel that I should never have had the operation in the first place. As for cancer, yes I suppose there is a possiblity if the acid is not controlled and you get to the barretts stage. I was told the bloating was due to the tight wrap and I have to say I do not swell up anymore but do suffer sickness but that is due to the large hiatus hernia I now have, as it did not stay in tact as the surgeon hoped it might.  I hope this helps in some way.  It is a big decision and there are consequences. Good luck
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Thank you for your time to read my post. i did find it very helpful. i went back to my surgeon and i have to go my GI dr now again. ive been going through all of this since i was 12 years old, and just want to be healthy for once. the doctors say there is nothing wrong with the wrap that something else may be going on. my small bowel are all inflamed and they said that could be the cause of my pain. so i need to go for another test so see just how much of the bowel is inflamed. did you have any problems with yours?
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Hi.  No I did not have any trouble with my bowels - they only found a small area of diverticulis in the large bowel and small intestine but has not giving me any symptoms. When I had the wrap done the pain I experienced was in the top middle abdomen and radiated to my back and shoulders and the stomach muscles due to the expansion!  When I had tests to find out if there was anything else wrong before the undo they were looking for a blockage. The only problem I experience now is nausea if I eat too much and vomiting if I put a strain on the stomach i.e lifting, stretching etc.  I think the digestion system is a very complex part of the body and if it is not working correctly it puts a strain on your general health too. Good luck and I hope they find out the cause.  Please do not hesitate to ask me any other questions.
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Before my Nissen I was on 1 20mg Parriet once a day. I was told that I could either increase this dose for the rest of my life , or have the surgery. Of course I opted for the surgery as I was told that the success rate is very high and no mention was ever made of the complications that could occur.
Now, one year later things are worse than ever. Not only have I still got my GERD, but a whole host of other conditions as well. Also I am now on 20mg Parriet TWICE a day and 150mg Ranatadine (Zantac) at night.
This surgery has ruined my life and I would advise anyone thinking of the surgery to think very, very carefully before having it done. If I had the chance to go back, I would have never had it.
After the surgery in December 2008, my recovery was very difficult and painful. It was a long time before I could even swallow water without difficulty. That has eased with time, but there are still foods that I cannot tolerate. Severe gastro intestinal problems have also occurred or been exacerbated by the surgery. I get bloated and feel that I want to go to the toilet all the time. Constipation, diarrhea, stomach cramps and have lost ten pounds in weight, which I cannot put back. I don't enjoy eating like I used to, but have to force myself to eat often.
I see my surgeon tomorrow (10th December 2009) and will try to see what can be done about this, but I fear nothing can. I have heard that reversal my be dangerous and may not solve anything.
They say that there is a high success rate with this surgery, personally I feel that their should be studies to see if it should even be performed at all.
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