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Oesophagitis newbie, help!

Hi, I have been told I have sever oesophagitis grade 5 with deep ulsuration and awaiting byopsy results,  could someone tell me what grade 5 means and does this mean I have barretts?   Wasn't explained properly.. Thanks.
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  Hi  and welcome to the GERD forum,

Some use the alphabet to grade so I am not certain what this means  for you....I am curious what they  did tell you....I would  think  if  they felt it was something serious they would  have given clear instructions as to what you need to   do/take....???
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Hi, I was just told sever reflux oesophagitis over large section and that I have multiple users. He said the acid I've been having was probably caused by my hernia. And said he'd send byopsys off because sometimes they throw up a few surprises, those were his words.  On report I was given then it said grade 5. I've found on one website a oesophagitis scale 1-5 an next to grade 5 it said barrettes and some other stuff.  But only on that site I've seen this so I don't know.  I was told to take omeprazol 40mg once a day and to go back for another magic eye in 6 weeks.  Confused and worried about it all.. Thank you so much for your reply, didn't think anyone was going to ... Thanks
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