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Pain and acid after nissens Fundoplication

I had a 270 nissens Fundoplication in November and my acid returned after 5 weeks. I have also had pain at the operation site on and off for months. This pain can get pretty severe. Surgeon ordered a barium swallow which was normal. He thought it may have been a hernia. I had acid symptoms for over 10 years and after having a PH test which showed severe nocturnal acid my surgeon said this surgery would fix me. It was only my second appointment with him and then I was booked in. There was no discussion of side affects or anything that could go wrong. He said this surgery would fix my acid and it did for 5 weeks and has been the same ever since. He is not interested at all and because the barium swallow showed nothing he is also not interested in helping the pain. I am at my wits end I really don’t know what to do.
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