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Persistent burping for 3 months

Hi, My GI Dr. Did an endoscopy & said I have Gastritis & had H-pylori & gave me a very heavy duty antibiotic which got rid of that, also gave me Dexalant for the burping, which I had to stop taking because it gave me diarrhea, then she gave me a prescription for pantoprazole sodium Dr. 40mg instead, which I have been taking for a few weeks & that hasn't helped either. The burping is constant, even during the night when I get up to go to the bathroom.

If anyone has had this same experience & found a cure, please tell me what to do
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  Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

Not sure of a cure, but a few tricks that may help as you heal......

First, elevate the head of your bead a few inches to get you in a slanted position so the acids remain down where they belong using gravity to help do this. Then modify your diet if you haven't already....certain foods and bevs can trigger the symptoms to flare....and while in a flare even the safest of foods and bevs may cause burping such as water !! Be patient and keep to a very bland diet and slowly add the safer foods .......

Good luck
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