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Stomach/Throat/Heart Problems...Help!!

I am a healthy 16 year old female.  I don't smoke, drink, or do drugs. I also don't drink or eat anything with much caffeine in it.  I never had any serious medical problems, until about 2-3 months ago I started getting these really annoying heart palpitations.  It felt like my heart was pounding extremely hard in my chest and alot faster than usual.  I have no idea why.  Some nights it was so hard to sleep because of it.

I tried to ignore it and hoped it would go away, but after a few weeks, I asked my dad to take me to the clinic.
I had my vitals checked, and they were a bit fast, so the doc prescribed Atenolol for me to take once a day.
The next day, I saw my internal medicine doctor.  I had an ultrasound done of my heart and a breathing test done.  He also drew blood.  Everything was normal.  So he said to check back in a couple of weeks for a few more tests.

But later during the week, I woke up one morning feeling REALLY sick and my heart was pounding extremely fast.  I though I was going to throw up, but I didn't.  So my dad drove me to the hospital and I stayed there for 5 hours.  I felt like I had acid or something in my stomach.  It was awful.  But I eventually went home.

After I was released, I was still really sick.  I have these horrible flu-like symptoms and I'm still having heart palpitations that make it seem like my heart is going to jump out my chest any minute!  I went to the hospital again and stayed for 2 1/2 days.  Had 2 ultrasounds done of my heart (one doc said he thought he saw a hole in my heart, then another doc said i didn't), and blood, urine, and stool tests done also.  Then I went home. The doctors called eventually and told me I had an H. pylori infection in my stomach or intestines.  I was so relieved, because I thought that was the whole reason I was sick.
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Thyroid problem is a possibility.
I would suggest the following  tests - thyroid function test, upper GI endoscopy and 24 hours pH monitoring.
Till the tests are done you may take a PPI,  an anxiolytic and a beta blocker to get relief from your symptoms.
Consult your doctor regarding these medications.
The information provided is for patients’ education only and is not a medical advice. Always consult your personal physician for complete evaluation of your health problem.

- Ratnakar Kini M.D.
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But after finishing all my antibiotic medicine, I still feel really sick all the time.  Like I have a flu or something.  I'm scared and my parents are getting mad at me because I tell that that I am too sick to go to school, and I really AM!  I know they're fustrated because they don't know why I am sick, and I don't even want to think about the doctor bills.  

The doctors say that even if I am "sick", that it's not serious or life-threatening.  But it's actually destroying my life.

My symptoms are:

- Constant hard, heavy heartbeat (I can feel my heart beating ALL the time; pounds so hard it makes me shake a little
- A "sore" or "upset" stomach, hurts REALLY bad most of the time.  Especially after eating, then it's even worse.
- A constant weird "hungry" feeling in my stomach.  It's hard to explain.  Like there is pressure or something.
- A constant yucky, disgusting feeling in my throat. (Probably my first worst symptom).  It feels all swollen and gross.
- Irregular periods (most of the time I don't get them for months).
- Sinus problems (runny nose, headaches/sinus pressure, etc.)  But I can live with that.
- Tight pressure in my chest (makes me short of breath and I have to yawn and sigh alot).

So my main symptoms are a pounding heart, a yucky, REALLY disgusting, and swollen feeling in my thoat, and horrible stomach pains and pressure in my chest, and weird periods.  No one can tell me what's wrong with me and I'm afraid that maybe I will always feel like this. I feel just awful.  I just wish I knew what I had...

I have had several blood tests done, 3 ultrasounds, a stress test, a breathing test, urine and stool tests, electrocardiograms, and I wore a Holtor monitor for 24 hours.  I'm still waiting for the results of my recent blood test and urinalysis, and they are going to check my thyroid and blood sugar, ect.  But it's my stomach, throat, and pounding heart that are making me sick.  I don't think it's my thyroid.  I think something is wrong with my stomach or something.  I'm also going to get an endoscopy done this week, so I'm hoping they find something but not anything real serious.  Get a PAP smear and an MRI.  Maybe get checked for Lyme.  Also another ultrasound of my heart and stomach (just to make sure!).  But I feel SO sick.  I'm trying to continue living my life, but I just feel like I have this constant "flu" thing that I just cannot get rid or even get diagnosed.  I sound like a hypochondriac, I know, lol.

Also, alot of times when I belch, acid or bile comes out my mouth.  It's really weird.  And I think my heart is probably ok, but that maybe it's just reacting to something in my body that shouldn't be there.

Al I know is that I had an H.pylori infection.  Could it have caused/triggered something that is making me feel so sick?
I just hope I don't have a deadly virus, infection, syndrome, disease, whatever.  Even though I feel really awful all teh time, I don't think I'm going to die or anything.  I'm just afraid that I'll never feel better.  I've been sick for months.

Please help me if you can!  Any advice, thoughts, opinions, suggestions, etc. are GREATLY appreciated! xD

Could it be acid reflux or GERD?  Or some other weird stomach infection? A parasite?
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hey so heres the deal...im 17 and experiencing GERD pain kinda like you describe it... so here i keep thinking my heart is freakin out but then i feel heartburn and then a pain in my breastbone all up and down the chestplate....so im turning into a hypochondriac...kind of funny sounding. i have had a bad cough so maybe this is causing the chest pai ns but hell i have no idea...the doctor also prescribed me prilosec OTC it seems to help the heartburn maybe ask your doc about that.
now i know i dont know you but if you ever need to talk to anyone who knows where your coming from...talk to me, everyone always needs someone to talk to... especially sick people
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Even though I am now 55 I have had GERD for over 30 years, including a bad bout with H-pylori 15 years ago. I lost 20 pounds by the time they got me on the right antibiotics to get rid of it. I have had the rapid heart beat (I now think part of that is nerves because you know lots of pain is coming), chest pain and severe back pain, burning throat-all from GERD and LPR (acid in your throat),
Get on antacid pills twice daily and make sure you get rid of the h-pylori, which gave me Barretts esophogus.
Mainly , try to stay calm and think of other things (i know that is hard)
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