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Suffering for too long now... help

Hi all i am 25 year old male, i have been suffering from anxiety since i was around 9, this has caused all sorts of panic attacks and chocking sensations since then, luckily the panic attacks are mostly in the past now due to self control, but the chocking sensations are getting worse, i can be enjoying myself when i struggle to swallow all of a sudden then its fine again, horrible moments, i also for the past year have been burping up sick, initially its just clear and has some recently ate food, (the food doesnt feel like it goes into my tummy just sits at the top) , then the sickness turns thicker and before i know it ive burped up sick around 40 times in one day or night, sometimes more!  Sadly this still happens when i go to bed with a mixture of the lump feeling, chocking sensations and burping up sick. I have tried omerapazole which for a time around 3 weeks seemed to calm things down to just chocking sensations but then it stopped working, 2 days ago i've been given Domperidone 10mg (3 times a day) , Lansoprazole 30mg (1 time a day) and diazepam 2mg (to relax throat) to take, ive taken them for past 2 days and though its taken the lump in stomach feeling almost away, i now feel really drowsy (without diazepam) and now the burping up the sick is coming back again with food that i've eaten hours ago coming up intact,  dont know what to do anymore, its affecting me from living life, dangerous to drive ect when i can choke for no reason at any second!  I have a healthy diet and have a glass of red wine per night or a few beers, nothing out of the ordinary of some others who are fine, i dont smoke though my parent did when i lived with them birth to 16 years old. Really need to find a way out of this, even the diazepam doesnt do anything with the choking sensations, nothing seems to help, would love to hear from anyone going through the same, feel pretty lonely and like im trapped in a useless body, hope one day to defeat what is wrong with me and catch up on life,

Thanks ,

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Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

Alcohol no matter how much u consume will affect ur reflux symptoms as it is a trigger....so I would advise for now to discontinue this for a time.

Also a healthy diet can still have triggers in it...u need to also avoid acidic, greasy, and spicy foods, carbonated bevs and caffeine.

U also need to exercise...if it is just walking....

U also need  to modify ur lifestyle....do not eat for 3 to 4 hrs b4 laying down, elevate the head of ur bed....avoid tight clothes....if u smoke quit.....

See the Health Pages for more tips - http://www.medhelp.org/health_pages/list?cid=236
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