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My neck is sore most of the time.
I have lost my voice numerous times over the last 9 months and it lasts for 3-4 days duration.
I have pain that goes into both of my ears but my ear canals are clear.
My sinuses are clear.
My voice is hoarse much of the day and night
I experience acid reflux a couple times a month if I have over eaten.
I do not have any pain of any type in my throat before, during or after eating or while sleeping.
However, I am 75 lbs over weight which may be causing my problems.

I have had a barium swollow done and my ENT scoped the inside of my neck.  There was no conclusive information other than a red throat.  But my doctor feels it is probably acid reflux and has prescribed the normal treatment of Prilosec, one antacid tablet between meals, watching type of foods that I eat and raising the head of my bed.  I have only been following the prescribed treatment for 4 days and have any seen any improvement but it may take much longer to see results.  I have read everything I can get my hands on pertaining to acid reflux and other than hoarseness, having a red throat and being over weight, it does not appear that I fit the norm.  Can you offer any suggestions.
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Actually you're not really far from the norm. Check out a condition called "LPRD", which is related to GERD. Basically the acid doesn't stop at your chest, it goes up to the back of your throat, dousing the vocal chords along the way. Pain in the ears doesn't seem to be common, but I've felt it as well, so I know what you're going through.

Thing with LPRD is that most people with it don't get "heartburn" they get "throat burn", which includes the vocal symptoms you're talking about. Acid doesn't stick around long enough in the esophagus to really do any damage you can feel, but the tissue at the upper part of the throat is considerably more sensitive. Chewing gum (particularly whitening gum, with bicarbonate) and sucking on hard candies (no mints!) should help keep some of that acid down. Drink water throughout the day, too. And, of course, follow GERD diet/lifestyle changes. And yes, weight loss is quite possibly THE best thing you could do for your symptoms. (FYI: I used to be 324lbs. I'm now 237. I speak from experience.)

As for the medicines, all PPIs take a few days to start working. Ask your doc to see if maybe an increased dosage (pill at morning, pill at night) for a short while (a few days) so that it kicks in faster, or see if you can take something in the meantime (Gaviscon, Maalox, etc).

Good luck.
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Thanks so much for this info.  I will definitely check out LPRD which I have never heard of and appreciate knowing about!  
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