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Temp ED from Lansoprazole?

Hi all.
I was given Lansoprazole by my doctor for acid reflux and I swear minutes after I take it I get mild ED. Checking the sides section it's reported as a very rare (0.1%) side effect. Swear it's just my luck even if there is a minute chance with any medication I try that ED could occur it happens to me, bit bizarre really. I think it might just be in my own head but honestly I don't really think it is. I also get this feeling of the acid being pushed into my muscles, I don't know if there is a medical name for that.

Right now I'll just stick with antacids, but I am curious to here if anyone else here got the same effect, or why this would even be the case, if I knew that I could exercise more caution about medications in the future. Should I just speak to my doctor about getting acid reflux control drugs that don't cause this? It's a bit of an embarrassing side effect to report as well. Checking online i saw a some limited information about it, but I don't understand enough about PPIs as to why this could happen. Cheers.
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