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Throat or esophagus..suspicious symptoms

how can i know issues r from throat or esophagus? Im having suspicious symptoms..can be from either...

I have gastritis & gerd for sure..endoscopy done in 2012...

drs want to repeat it but i will not cuz i got fear of anesthesia.

chronic cough..muffled burps..daily sore throat..piercing throat pain..burning throat..throat feels full...croaking frog noise in throat..

sometimes pain swallowing liquids..

but how to tell if its throat? these issues can also be esophagus?
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Repeat upper endoscopy may be of benefit. Alternatively, consider fluoroscopic esophagram.
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The docs don't consider that 4 me...i keep telling them & they insist on upper endo!
There are pros and cons to each test, which can be complementary to one another. The upper endoscopy is overall the better test, since the camera at the end of the scope allows for direct visualization of the esophagus and can take biopsies if necessary to determine specific types of infection and/or cancer. The fluoroscopic esophagram is more of an indirect test, involving swallowing barium contrast which outlines the esophagus which are then viewed under video x-rays. This may show esophageal caliber change (dilatation or narrowing) or contour irregularity. This can also evaluate for dysmotility (such as absence of primary peristalsis or presence of gastroesophageal reflux). Ideally, you would do upper endoscopy alone, or upper endoscopy plus fluoroscopic esophagram. If you cannot tolerate upper endoscopy, I guess doing fluoroscopic esophagram is better than doing nothing.
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  Thank you for your question but sorry you are having this issue.  That has to be frustrating.  Often endoscopy is performed under 'twilight sleep' or very light anesthesia and they give you something additional to relax you prior to starting it.  Did you have a bad experience under anesthesia last time to create this fear?  Truly, endoscopy is the best way to see exactly what is happening.  However, your symptoms sound like that of GERD which involves the esophagus. Remember that your esophagus is the tube at the back of your throat so very intertwined.  Normally, a doctor can go ahead and treat based on these symptoms with that assumption.  Have you been offered any treatment? What are your doctors suggesting?

This article has ways to diagnose and does include some other ways than endoscopy, however, that is really the best way.  It also has ways to treat to consider.  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/gerd/diagnosis-treatment/drc-20361959
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  Thanks for your question but sorry about your symptoms.  Typically for an endoscopy, anesthesia is "twilight sleep" anesthesia or light anesthesia.  Often you can have something to relax you as well before the anesthesia starts.  Did you have a bad experience last time making you afraid to repeat anesthesia? Truly, endoscopy is the only way to really know for sure what the issue is exactly.  What you describe does sound like GERD and that is going to involve the esophagus.  Treatment should begin for GERD if it hasn't already. Often, they can try to remedy the situation based on symptoms.  What are they suggesting?
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Hi thanks for replying...during my upper endo in 2012 i got anesthesia but cant recall what happened. but they had to give me more...

Thing is i get hypoglycemic & i suffer from vertigo/dizziness in everyday life...i fear getting these episodes during the procedure... i was supposed to repeat the endo last year but cancelled it cuz of my dizziness

ive been treated 4 gastritis/h. pylori & gerd since. mostly take omeprazole but up until last year my symptoms were stable...

now its mostly my throat, chest & indigestion..im not about to run up gambler's debt worth of bills from different drs who r just gonna toss me over to one another...its either i go to ent or gastro. thats y im asking 2 get some clues what it could be...

and whats the base of throat area called?? i mostly get that sharp/piercing pain there...

if some1 had same symptoms was it ur throat or esophagus?? any clues?
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