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What kind of gum should I be chewing to help with GERD?

I've read that gum chewing can help if you have GERD b/c it creates more saliva.  However, I've also heard and experienced that some ingredients in gum can trigger GERD.  Mainly sorbitol, and pretty much anything ending in a 'itol'.  Are there any types/brands of gum that you could recommend to try?  Or should I just stay away from it altogether?
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  Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

Chewing gum can help with GERD symptoms, but certain flavors can also trigger it as well...like mint....many reach for it when they have an upset stomach, but it can trigger more acid to be produced.

And if u have an issue with ur teeth u will want to avoid gum with too much sugars....

A fruit flavor or cinnamon is best for gum flavors to help avoid reflux symptoms....ginger tea is also helpful if u like tea,

If u r concerned with the additives....u may want to  resort to chewing on other things....not sure what the best item would be ,......but I am sure u can find something u do not have issues with.
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A chewing gum available at the health food store is still the best.  Altho the sugar ends in itol.   Xylitol is a natural "sugar" made from the stem of a plant.  Almost all the other gums except for bubblegum (with sugar) contain Aspartame which is very bad for the body. (Can cause tumors or holes in the brain).  
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