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acid reflux and aspiration

I was just awakened by a sudden rush of acid into my esophagus and lungs. I know it went into my lungs, because I keep caughing it up. It is burning so badly right now. I can not get any relief from the burn. I drank some milk of magnesia and ate a piece of bread. What can I do to make this stop? Should I go have xrays of my lungs to check for damage?
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If this is an ongoing concern you need to follow up with your family doctor. If it's unbearable you might check in with a doctor at a walk-in clinic or emerg.

I do know that doctors will often recommend that patients lose excess weight and eat lighter meals that are not spicy. They may also recommend that GERD patients elevate the head of their beds a few inches, which helps to keep acid from rising into the throat and that patients eat their evening meals no closer than three hours before bedtime.

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