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acid reflux disease

will the proceedure nissen fundoplication help with wieght loss
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Yes, it will result in weight loss, but as Selma warns, it isn't a procedure one would choose to lose weight comfortably.  The question reminds me of the old adage, the best way to quit drinking is to slap a policeman in the face and run, you will stop drinking!  I've had the surgery, I did lose weight, but it wasn't much fun.  The surgery resulted in wonderful results regarding my GERD symptoms, but I'd strongly suggest mixing some salads into your diet before expecting it to a weight loss procedure.  Most people experience between 5 and 15 pound weight loss from a NF.  If you have a weight issue and are looking for a medical solution, I'd investigate bariatric surgery.
Keep us informed.
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  Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

We r all different and how our body responds or reacts to surgery will be different too....I would not look to this surgery for weight loss, but to eating a healthier diet.

Please talk to ur Dr regarding this...and do post updates on how u r doing : )
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