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esophagal motility

i am a 53 yr old woman with history of small hiatal hernia, some inflamation and health anxiety.  I recently had a lump feeling in my throat and after endoscopy dr wrote I may have "esophageal motility." due to anxiety probably. he did not find any restrictions . or narrowing of esophagus.. I googled motility and found all kinds of scary things. I saw Systemic schlerosis and immediatly remembered that two years ago i had lichen schlerosis in skin. I am freaking out because i dont know the difference between the two..any calming feedback would be appreciated
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Hello~I am thinking all the doctor meant was that due to your anxiety, your were having more digestive problems than normal, but it is not serious. Some folks with a hiatal hernia have this issue, my grandmother did, it was not serious, just annoying.

One thing that might help your hiatal hernia (I have one too) is too drink some very warm water, as you are swallowing it, give a big hop, this sometimes helps to move the hernia back down through the diaphragm.

I have a chiropractor that also "pulls my down" this helps as well.
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