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geographic tongue/ LPR

For about two months now I have been suffering with what I believe to be LPR, or the version of GERD that affects your larynx and throat without frequent heartburn.  I have had off and on sinus troubles in the past, and as far back as December I can remember waking up with a terrible taste in my mouth and having some post nasal drip.  In late December, i started eating meat again and (I don't know if thats related) at that time I began having persistent, very annoying postnasal drip/constant clearing of the throat.  I had no idea what it was or why it wouldnt go away, and niether did my doctor who prescribed antibiotics and nasal sprays to no avail.  About a month ago I developed a white coating on my tongue which i ignored as a side effect of antibiotics, and at the same time had developed an irritated (it wasnt exactly sore) throat.  But it didnt go away.  I saw a new doctor (i recently moved) who thoat it was thrush and prescribed me antifungals which did nothing, and it gradually lessened.. I saw another doctor who said it was geographic tongue, and I believe that hes right because thats what i looks like (white coating with smooth patch) but never went away until about a week ago when the sore throat reoccured and geographic tongue got worse again.  I saw an ENT doctor about a week ago as well who looked into my EN&T with a camera and concluded that i had a sinus infection and acid reflux affecting my throat.  he didnt say LPR straight out, but prescribed me a months worth of nexium, another nasal spray and claritin.  after seeing the ENT doctor i am begining to remember 'wet burps' of acid from time to time and post nasal drip that would occur seemingly at random.  The sore throat has since subsided and im feeling generally better but this tongue coating is annoying me because honestly its just disgusting looking, especially when it gets stained with food.
My questions are these:
should i assume that i have LPR, between my doctors pronouncement and my other similar symptoms?
has anyone had a similar problem with geographic tongue related to GERD or LPR? if so, what did you do about it?
people suffering from LPR: how long does it take for medication to work?
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Hi...I am not familiar with ur issues, but would like to encourage you to continue to update ur progress....I know that meds do take time to take effect....and depending on diet and stress u can have a flare even while on meds.

I do suggest everyone keep a journal of what u eat how u felt ect...to try and locate a pattern or triggers.

If you can in ne way educate us on ur geographic tounge I would appreciate it.

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Hey, I know this post is quite old, but I am experiencing exactly the same symptoms as you described, I have according to my dentist geographic tongue, and I have an irritated throat not sore, and some wet burps of acid as you said.
What did the doctors tell you? any improvement?
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I know this is pretty old this thread but this is pretty much the same situation I'm in. Went to an ENT, got a pile of meds, felt a little better after a week or so, but geographic tongue just flew out of control. Has anyone else had this or found a solution to it?
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