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please help - blood in saliva - mostly mornings

I have been dealing with seeing blood in saliva (tiny specs - one or two) mostly in the morning.  I have been to the doctors for CBCs, clotting times, have had 2 chest xrays and 1 chest CT scan - all normal per the pulmonologist.  Never smoked.  Suffer from Gerd but started taking omeprazole when this all started after going to the ER a couple of months ago.  I also had an endoscopy done as well as a nasolaringoscopy where only irritation was found.  I don't have any cough, but do feel mucus in my throat and I have to constantly be clearing my throat throughout the day.  Doctor recently prescribed ranitidine before bedtime as my reflux is worse at night. Could the reflux be the cause for the blood?  I get really scared when I see it, I have been really anxious about this and have actually gained weight from the stress.
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As an additional note - the blood seems to be in my mouth when I wake up, no coughing going on at night...specs sometimes streaks...it's really scary.  Please someone help me!
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  Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

I am not sure what to tell you other then go see your Dr and discuss your concerns about the trace blood you have noticed.

Have you had your thyroid tested? Been to an ENT to rule out allergies?

Since your reflux is worse at night, have you tried to raise the head of your bed?
Hi Selma - thanks for the response/I thought no one would respond - Since I started taking ranitidine before bedtime, I feel it has helped a little though I still get some heartburn even if I drink water before bed...I sleep with the bed raised but I still see some blood if I get up in the middle of the night or in the morning...I will ask my doctor to check on my thyroid - what problems could be caused by it that would cause bleeding?  I went to see an ENT last month and after examination he said there is irritation in my throat and voice box areas (consistent with LPR). Let me know what you think.
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  Not being a medical professional I am just going with an issue my sister had with her thyroid....she has such a sore throat and could not talk or swallow and was spitting up blood and it turned out to ab a thyroid issue.....I am not saying this is or could even be your issue, just something to rule out.

Irritation can cause possible bleeding even minute bleeding....

Have you modified your diet? and Lifestyle?

Meds alone  may not take care of this so it is important to eat healthy foods and exercise....and give the meds time to work.
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