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possible GERD

Hi, I am 18 years old. I didn't know how to start a new discussion(I don't think it's necessary either). I suspect I have GERD but I'm not sure. After eating I get the need to cough and clear my throat. Unless I do this I feel like I wouldn't be able to breathe fully, properly. It happens every time I eat/drink something. But, sometimes, when I'm at school or somewhere where something like that wouldn't be "wanted" my throat/lungs seem to forget about it and I'm ok. But, most of the time I need to clear my throat/cough.It lasts about 10 minutes or more. I would appreciate an advice plz, and also, if I cough for a longer period of time my chest start...well not really to hurt, a little yes. And, at night, sometimes I have a nasal congestion. Sorry for my English since I'm not a native speaker but from Serbia. Thanks in advance.
Btw, I am not a smoker, I am not obesse, I don't drink... I think I am gonna visit my doctor soon...That's the best thing, right :) ?

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  Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

Seeing ur Dr is the best thing...as this could be allergies, or post nasal drip...which could lead to GERD symptoms.....

Ur Dr will do testing to determine what is causing ur issues, or should....then treat the best way.

Let us know what u find out...wishing u all the best.

BTW- ur English is just fine : )
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thank you :). I will. Soon!
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