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ppi acid rebound - sore red throat

so basically i’ve been taking ppi for 2 months now and most recently was taking 40mg a day for 3 weeks (was taking only 20 for the rest) so i’ve gone down to 20 last week and 3 days later i woke up with an extremely sore throat that’s super tight and hard to swallow. it’s pretty red and the pain is in the back of my throat and also a bit further down too like down to the middle of my throat maybe. it’s super tight and i hear a loud gurgle through my mouth every time after i swallow. my glands like near my jaw are super sensitive too. it’s not infection because its no pus or anything and the pain goes below my tonsils too leading me to believe it’s acid rebound. it’s like
knives are cutting me as i swallow. never had these symptoms before and wanted to lower my ppi because 40mg was giving me extreme nausea and then this happened. is this just acid rebound? will it heal over time? i don’t want to go back up to 40mg because it was making me sicker.
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