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they say its gerd but this pain is beyond anything..

So for about six years now, I've dealt with this completely disabling pain in my abdominal area, in between my sternum and stomach. Basically, the doctors at ormc told me it was GERD, but I'm not so sure anymore. It seems to appear so randomly that my diet has nothing to do with it. Happens anywhere from 2-10 times a month and its the most agonizing pain I've ever felt. Basically, out of the blue I get a horrible sharp pain in said area, it swells up really bad, and sometimes if it hurts bad enough I get nausia to the point my saliva glands go crazy, though I've never puked yet, only came close. The only thing I've been able to do to slightly ease it is clench the area with my hands, and slowly pace back and forth, but after ten minutes or so, my backs aching so bad I have to rest it against something. When it finally dies down, I tend to burp a few times and its rancid. But not like an acid reflux kinda smell, I can't explain it. It usually lasts anywhere between an hour to threehours, though one agonizing day it literally continued for fourteen hours. Currently i take omeprazole but it seems to still happen regardless. I'm tired of this pain.. It hurts so bad sometimes that I wish it would kill me.
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I would make an appt with a GI doctor. It almost sounds like gallbladder pain. The best way to test your gallbladder is with a HIDA Scan and Ultrasound. Also, Have they tested you for H. Pylori?

Hope you get well soon!
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It could also be a spasm of the esophagus, but that often occurs shortly after eating.  My trigger is whole wheat bread.  Regardless, you need to be checked.
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