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Do You Have Support?

Well, since I've started this community, I am going to pose the first question...

How supportive is your family about your lifestyle?  Were they accepting when you "came out?"  Do you have a good network of friends?  
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My story:  My daughters ENCOURAGED me to seek out a female partner after my second marriage dissolved (one is bisexual, the other is bicurious).  They said it kind of jokingly, and I was NOT looking for ANY relationship whatsoever.  I had had a little experience with women when I was with my second husband; he was into the open marriage thing (his idea NOT mine!).  So when I completely WAS NOT LOOKING, that's when it happened.  I met up with an old friend of mine, my best friend from Jr. High.  She is a lesbian.  In any case, we were instantly attracted to each other.

My kids were just fine with this.  My mother, on the other hand, is the opposite of fine.  She doesn't understand how I could be straight all my life, and actually still identify myself as "straight," but in love with this woman.  It is kind of confusing, isn't it?  My brothers are accepting as are most of my friends.  My sister...I don't know.  My dad seems ok.  There are some people I haven't told, old relatives because I don't think they could handle it.

We are going on 3 years now.  Obviously, we are not kids...In our 40's.  

So that's my story.  Feel free to jump in and add yours.
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