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Part 2: Unrelated Symptoms? Apparently not.

At this point I really started looking at what I could be doing to cause these flares and started looking at my diet in particular, I read everything I could get my hands on about what the best diet was to eat for inflammation specifically.
2016 – took wheat and dairy out of my diet and really noticed a difference in how I felt after about a month, this is when I really became convinced that my diet was the cause
2016 – Went to the dr with another flare and they tested me for lupus, among other things and everything came back negative except Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, it ended up being a false positive
2016 – Had been having allergy attacks over the years (with never any rhyme or reason of when or what triggering it) and finally decided to go see about those to see if it would help me figure out what it was in my diet causing all my pain, turns out I am highly allergic to all grasses.
2016 – I took all foods out of my diet except red meat for 30 days and my symptoms disappeared but knew this wasn’t sustainable or healthy. I’ve tried no wheat, no dairy, no vegetables. The problem was there were too many moving parts and then trying to be consistent long enough to know if it works.
2017 – I noticed I was carrying a lot of water weight despite the fact I only drink water and a lot of it. My hands and feet were blown up with inflammation. I started having strange sensations across my abdomen below my sternum like my stomach was trying to move something along in my bowels but it wasn’t working properly. If I bend over I feel pressure in my throat that makes me cough. Sometimes I feel like I’m having muscle spasms in my esophagus. After I eat I have to clear my throat a lot. I have a lot of pain in my upper right back, sometimes I want to just lie down on the floor to let my back just flatten out, but of course it’s never when I can actually do that. Occasionally I have food/drink go down the wrong pipe, seems to happen a lot for a while then doesn’t happen at all for a while. I have rectal itching, feeling of needing to empty my bowels, I have these symptoms mainly when I’m eating everything but not at all after I’ve not eaten grains or dairy for about 2 weeks. After I eat, it feels like the food is sitting in my abdomen right under my right ribcage like it’s stuck there. I went to the dr and the PA told me I just needed to drink more water when she looked at my “cankles”. She took bloodwork, and everything came back normal. Since then I took grains (all sources of them) out of my diet when I realized that all grains are grasses and my ankle swelling went down completely, I hadn’t been able to get them to go down at all for over two years! I also lost about 30 lbs and it appeared to me to be water weight because I’m still fat just not inflamed looking. I was still having abdominal issues but my leg was almost completely healed (90%) and I only seemed to have problems when I ate any grains. It feels like my digestive tract gets clogged up (like a clogged auger) and I have the worst pains trying to process it. I have tingling in my hands and feet even when I think I’m eating pretty good. I have pain and bloating, I’m tired a lot, I sometimes still struggle with anxiety when I don’t have anything at all in my life to be anxious about. My weight can swing 10 lbs in a week.
2017 - Began to notice swelling problems over the entire right side of my body from head to toe. You probably wouldn’t notice it unless I pointed it out but I could feel it in my clothing, shoes, see it in the mirror despite the fact that I’m making a concerted effort to eat better. Still thinking I’m eating something I shouldn’t be. I’m only continuing to search because there are too many moving parts to keep shooting in the dark! Just about every dr visit, this visit is no exception, was because of a flare of symptoms that caused me enough pain to go running off to the doctor again looking for the cause. I get really discouraged because I know everyone thinks I’m a hypochondriac even when I can show physical symptoms and have even had doctors look at me like I’m a pill head when, if you go back and look through my records, I’ve never been prescribed pain medications. When I’ve been offered anything I’ve always said no because that’s just treating a symptom. I want to know what’s wrong with me! I went on vacation last month and made it 4 days before eating something I shouldn’t and then it was katy bar the door on sugar. I can’t stay away from it if I eat any at all. That is not normal and it’s more than a lack of will power! I developed a rash on the nape of my neck, my wrists itch like crazy after this last flare, my face rash cycles from good to bad continuously. It was doing really good when I wasn’t eating any grains or dairy.  I don’t use any products on my skin except a natural shampoo, eye liner and mascara that can be removed with water and a salt rock for deodorant because my skin is so sensitive. When I wasn’t eating any grains or dairy my skin got much better and actually looked more normal, especially on my legs, I’ve had extremely dry skin most of my adult life (always thought it was inherited) but it actually looks normal and healthy now without the use of lotions or moisturizers. I’m afraid to use anything on my face for fear of making it worse. The dermatologist gave me a sample of a $300 prescription that worked on my face rash but I want to know what’s causing it, not treat it!
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