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2 years of stomach pain since GALL BLADDER REMOVAL - Please Please Help !

Hi Doctors ,
I want to discuss about my mother's case, Her age is 50 and she had a Gall bladder removal surgery more than 2 years ago.

she used to have severe abdominal pains if she will eat something fancy or sometimes more. She was detected with a big cholestrol stone in gall bladder so she went for the operation. She was very scared of the concept of the laser operation and instead went for old process of open surgery (Big cut in stomach and remove gall bladder). With lot of hopes to lead a normal life, she went for lot of post surgery checkups but she kept on having severe stomach ache and Lot of acidity that she had to vomit the Acid out.

I have seen her going through this multiple times now and she vomits lot of yellow Acid. Eventually she gets admitted to hospital to get rid of pain - I believe doctors inject painkillers in her.

Doctors, we have done the endoscopy and doctor said there is lot of bile in stomach and she has ulcers, they give medicine for 1-2 weeks and she still gets this stomach attack.

Its been 2 years now and she still gets admitted in hospital when such stomach attack comes.

My heart breaks and I cannot believe that in today's medical Era we do not have a solution or even diagnose of this, when Doctors have been saying it for so long that Gall bladder removal is one of the most non risky operation.

Please doctors, please suggest what tests should we go for? what can be done.

PS: She has completely started eating Vegetarian food, does not eat heavy food at all.
Walks 2 km everyday.

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Crazy ...my daughter was 17 and had her gall bladder out, she's had pain ever since.  Her surgery was laproscopic.  I had mine out 30 years ago with no pain.  I don't understand what is happening, I never heard of pain after gall bladder until recently.
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Has your mom been checked/treated for bile reflux? Has she had a MRCP (MRI on ducts too check for stones/strictures/inflammation)? Has she been evaluated for sphincter of the oddi?
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