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Hi I'm having a ercp done nxt wk the results of my mri came bk as baseline blood investigation showed deranged  liver functions my bilirubin is 26 ALT 673 and alkaline phosphatase is 283. N my cbd diameter is 9mm.can anyone explain to me way all this means and is there anything to worry about as they say suspicious stone in cbd.
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If gallbladder present, normal caliber of common bile duct (CBD) is up to 6 mm, but you can add an extra 1 mm for every decade after age 60. For example, if age 80, the CBD can measure up to 8 mm and still be normal. If the CBD is dilated, the next step is usually MRCP (noninvasive imaging test done by radiologist) and/or ERCP (invasive endoscopic study done by gastroenterologist) to rule out something obstructing the duct such as a stone (choledocholithiasis).

If gallbladder absent, CBD can go up to approximately 1 cm and still be normal.
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